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Postal workers refuse to deliver to street after dog bite

Dog insurance customers living on Newman Road in Cornwall may find they are unable to receive post after the Royal Mail revealed that it would no longer deliver to the area because of unruly canines.

According to the postal service, the move was taken after a Jack Russell terrier bit someone delivering letters, reports the Telegraph.

In a communication to residents, the Royal Mail said: “This exceptional step has been taken in order to safeguard Royal Mail employees.”

It described the suspension of mail as a “last resort”, adding that the aim was to protect its workers.

The mail delivery service asserted that the public need to take responsibility for their pooches and keep them under control.

In 2009, there were 5,091 attacks on postal workers by dogs, reported BBC News.

However, it was not solely dog insurance customers whose animals were a problem, as some postmen and women also experienced problems with cats, geese and even ducks.

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