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Police issue warning after fishing gear thefts

Fishing equipment is among a host of items that have gone missing in Gainsborough following a spate of garage break-ins.

The Gainsborough Target has told how the Uphills area of the city has been focused on by thieves, who have stolen angling gear, bicycles and a copper water cylinder.

Such incidents might persuade locals to cover themselves with fishing equipment insurance to lessen their liability should they become a victim.

PCSO Penny Smith said anybody with information should contact the police, just as they should if they witness any strange behaviour around garages.

Bicycle theft has also been an issue in Southport, as the Southport Visitor recently revealed three bikes worth £10,000 have been stolen from a family who were enjoying a holiday at Southport Caravan Club on the Esplanade in the Merseyside town.

In Gainsborough, several cases have been reported in the last week, including one incident in Fairfax Close where three garages were targeted.

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