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Police, action, campervan!

Officers from the West Midlands Police have been mocked due to the 3.5-tonne motor home that is being used to patrol the streets of Birmingham.

The five-berth Peugeot campervan has attracted negative attention when it was spotted outside the up-market Mailbox shopping centre in Birmingham this week.It was responding to a theft at the centre’s Armani store and collecting items of evidence and some stolen goods. The West Midlands Police insist it is definitely not for sleeping on the job and the beds have been taken out.

A source at West Midlands police said officers driving the camper are facing severe humiliation. He said: ‘They get mocked for driving it. When they turn up at a job people just laugh at them. It is supposed to be used for community events and shows but we are having to use it for responding to incidents now. No one likes having to drive it.’

The force defended the £17,000 caravan – one of five out of a total fleet of 1,600 vehicles – and stressed it was not used for emergency pursuits.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1278342/West-Midlands-Polices-latest-crime-fighting-weapon-motor-caravan.html#

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