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Platinum ‘gives wedding bands longevity’

Couples planning to get married have been advised that wedding bands should be made of nine-carat gold or harder metals such as platinum in order to ensure their longevity.

While they should still pick up wedding insurance to cover against any other incidents, using materials such as these will hopefully stop their rings from wearing out quickly, according to student liaison officer at The Wedding Planner School Georgina Way.

She added that if wedding rings are made of softer metals such as 24-carat gold, it is important to pick a band that reflects this, otherwise the harder ring will wear away the softer one.

"A wedding ring should complement the engagement ring and look good together. When trying out rings, always try it on with your engagement ring, never alone," added Ms Way.

Kate Rivera, marketing manager at weddingrings-direct.com, recently suggested that shaped rings can fit snugly together and avoid any wear or tear.

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