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Physical activity ‘good way to relieve stress’

Investing in cycle insurance and getting out and about on a bike may help some people to relieve their anxiety.

According to founder of online resource Taming the Pound Kim Stephenson, physical activity is a "good stress reducer".

He explained how any form of exercise – including just walking – can help keep individuals fit and boost their mental wellbeing.

"Competing with others can be expensive and increase stress – focusing on your own hobbies like painting, sports or gardening is linked to happiness and better health," Mr Stephenson commented.

It was suggested that enjoying exercise in the great outdoors can be a good way to get fit without spending large sums of money.

Mr Stephenson warned that overcoming stress is important, as continually feeling anxious can put the body and brain under pressure and create problems such as heart disease and sleeplessness.

When it comes to avoiding feeling harassed this Christmas, director of the Stress Management Society Neil Shah recently stated that organisation and early preparation can help.

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