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Photos brought to live through everyday works of art

Photography has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years and almost every family will own a form of digital media which allows them to photograph key elements of their live, from family days out to birthdays and Christmas to name but a few.

Historically we would quote simply develop our photos and place them in a frame for our friends and family to see upon visiting the home. However times have changes, and we have seen a massive £45 million each year spent by the Brits alone on photographic art.

Photographs taken by individuals are now being used as designs on handbags, canvasses, mugs, t shirts, mouse mats and even cakes. Allowing the nation to personalise their property or gifts to make them even more special. Celebrities such as the Duchess of York even has a picture of her daughters on her bag.

Digital cameras have increased in quality substantially over the past few years and the increased quality allows even phones to take images of an excellent size that can be blown up for things like canvasses. Phil Causer from Tesco’s reported to the Daily Mail that “Technology has moved on so much that the quality is excellent and it’s a great way of showcasing your most treasured memories.”

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