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Photographer snaps his dream catch

A dedicated wildlife photographer has spent two long years trying to capture his dream moment on camera. Mr Smith, a photographer based in Newcastle spent many long, cold hours waiting to capture the moment a salmon leapt out of the River Tyne in Northumberland. It is well known that to be a successful photographer you need to be patient but Mr Smith exceeded many people’s expectations. The image that he captured in July 2009 is remarkable and Mr Smith is ‘delighted’ with the end result. “When the fish jumped, I didn’t have the camera to my eye as my hand was getting numb. This thing then jumped up right where I wanted to be, I pressed the shutter following it along through the air and then prayed.”

Every year salmon move back up the River Tyne heading high up into the river’s tributaries to spawn, therefore every year the river provides an opportunity to spot the salmon if you are patient or lucky enough!

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1207451/man-spent-two-years-waiting-river-bank-finally-snaps-his-leaping-salmon

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