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Pet pooch to be trained as Medical Alert Dog

The pet of a boy from Bicester is to be trained as a Medical Alert Dog to help control the youngster’s type-one diabetes.

Labradoodle Chester will receive training from the charity Medical Detection Dogs and it is hoped that the pooch will reduce the number of times Ben Croxford ends up in hospital, reports the Bicester Advertiser.

“Hopefully when he is fully trained it will have quite a dramatic effect on my life,” the 13-year-old commented.

The teenager may want to consider taking out pet insurance for Chester, as it costs up to £10,000 to train one of the pooches to detect the changes in smells that signify a problem with their owner.

When their human is in danger, properly trained animals alert their charges that they need to take medication or get help.

People with other conditions may purchase pet insurance to cover treatment for their valuable canines, which can detect problems with cancer sufferers and people with epilepsy.

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