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Pet pooch to accompany Man City star during parade

One celebrity who may haveĀ Labrador insurance is canine lover Mario Balotelli, star striker for Manchester City, who will be taking his canine with him on the team’s FA Cup victory parade.

The footballer put in the request with bosses at the club, who granted him permission to bring Lucky along for the ride, reports the Daily Mirror.

Balotelli considered acquiring a new pet when he made the move to the northern city.

However, the hero of the club’s FA Cup final victory over Stoke opted to wait until his old friend arrived rather than getting another dog to introduce him to.

“I love Lucky too much and it wouldn’t be fair when he finally comes over,” he stated at the time.

Dog insurance customers who are fans of Manchester City will be able to see the parade with the team and Lucky today (May 23rd) as it makes its way from Albert Square to the City of Manchester Stadium.

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