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Pet owners urged to keep on top of vaccinations

Pet insurance customers might want to heed the advice of vets in Warwickshire, who have said it is vital that owners keep their animals up to date with vaccinations.

Among the diseases that dog insurance customers should be taking steps to protect their canine friends against is the Parvo virus, according to Feldon Veterinary Centre.

Hugh Hawkins, who works at the establishment, told VetUK that there have been some “devastating cases” of this ailment in surgeries recently.

“We would strongly urge owners to vaccinate their pets regularly to prevent undue suffering,” he commented.

Individuals who do get their animals vaccinated might be able to avoid an unnecessary claim on their dog or cat insurance policy.

Experts at the centre suggested that up to 11 million rabbits, dogs, cats and horses in the UK are not properly vaccinated against diseases.

Earlier this month it was confirmed that a horse in Guernsey was suffering from Strangles – a contagious disease that can cause a high temperature, coughing and enlarged lymph nodes.

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