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Pet owl faces eviction

A tawny owl may be evicted after his neighbours complained about his mating calls disturbing them.

Wendy Whitfield, who has kept owls for 20 years, has been told by he local council in Hampshire to remove the owl from the bottom of her garden, which backs on to a block of flats, or face a £5,000 fine.

The owl called Twixx calls to see if there are any other owls in the area and there is one female who talks to him quite a bit,” Mrs Whitfield  told the Times, “She sits in a tree near Twixx’s cage and he does appear to let out a mating call, which she responds to. Unfortunately, he can never be let out of his cage because he wouldn’t know how to survive in the wild.”

Mrs Whitfield, 61, added: “The problem is he’s so old that he’s not any use to anyone, really. He’s just going to sit somewhere — he’s no use for breeding or anything like that. If we can’t have him rehomed we either have him put down or go to court and take our chances.”

Eastleigh Borough Council released a statement saying: “We have a statutory obligation to investigate all noise complaints. We are working with Mrs Whitfield to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.”

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