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Pet insurance ‘can provide peace of mind’

Pet insurance can be a great way for animal-lovers to get “peace of mind” because it will provide financial help when their creatures need medical attention, it has been suggested.

According to K9 magazine, having puppy insurance is recommended by nearly all veterinary surgeons and breeders.

The publication noted there is no cap on how much treatment might end up costing owners.

“It stands to reason that as a dog ages, the chances of them needing (possibly very expensive) veterinary treatment increases,” it asserted.

This might encourage people to invest in senior dog insurance to make sure their pooches are looked after in their old age.

Owners who want to keep their pets healthy were recently advised to provide them with plenty of opportunities to exercise by Dr Tracy Acosta from the Acosta Veterinary Hospital in Mississippi.

She told SunHerald.com that animals that do not do enough physical activity can show signs of this through unwanted behaviour, such as chewing or excessive barking.

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