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Pet cockatoo alerts family to dangerous smoke

Pet insurance customers may be interested to hear the story of one clever bird from Gwinnett County in the US.

A cockatoo raised the alarm when its owners’ home started filling with smoke from a fire early one morning, WJHG.com reports.

The animal squawked the words “incoming, incoming” over and over again as the harmful gas started seeping in through the utility room.

Owner Linda George believes the animal was trying to get her family’s attention and alert them to the danger.

Gwinnett fire captain Jeff Johnson said if the smoke had reached house’s inhabitants while they were sleeping, it could have been deadly.

Ms George explained that the bird likes to watch TV and imitate words it hears.

According to MyToos.com, these types of winged creatures often form emotional bonds with humans quickly and they need plenty of entertainment and interactivity to keep them amused.

The website also noted that parrots can live for many years and often become pets for a lifetime.

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