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Pet care insurance needed for holidaymakers

Holidaymakers who cannot face leaving their beloved animals at home could require pet insurance when heading abroad.

While some people may look into kennel insurance policies when leaving their companions behind, large numbers of Britons choose to take their furry friends away with them each year.

According to tourism advertising company We Accept Pets, there are a variety of considerations to be made when opting to take animals overseas.

Indeed, the company advised that crates and carriers must be big enough for a pet to stand up and turn around in.

It also suggested that if animals are to be taken on flights, it is advisable to book non-stop direct journeys.

As well as this, the Taunton-based business added that creatures should not be left unattended in vehicles at any time.

One famous face who is currently grieving the loss of his pet is TV presenter Jonathan Ross, who was forced to cancel the filming of a show in Russia after his dog Mr Pickle – who was also due to fly to Russia with his owner – died.

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