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Pair of ponies adopted by Martin Clunes

Actor Martin Clunes might need to take out a new pony insurance policy after adopting a pair of equines from the RSPCA.

The Men Behaving Badly star hopes New Forest pony Connor will be able to be ridden by his daughter Emily.

Oliver – a Shetland pony – was chosen to be a companion for the other animals of his kind owned by the celebrity.

However, Clunes warned those thinking about taking in a horse that it is a “huge commitment” and advised them to “carefully consider their circumstances” before bringing them home.

One way people might be able to help pay any bills that are incurred if animals are taken ill is by purchasing equine insurance.

Commenting on how the latest additions to his family are doing, the actor said: “When they first came to us they were quite scared, but it’s been great to see them get their confidence back and to see them progress.”

Clunes is not the only star to take in an animal recently, as the National Enquirer recently reported that actress Katherine Heigl has adopted a pitbull.

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