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Pair of horses cause pandemonium

The owners of two horses in Sandhurst might want to take out equine insurance after the troublesome pair escaped and started wandering about on the road on three occasions.

Police were first called out to capture the white horse and black Shetland pony on March 5th, reports Get Bracknell.

According to the publication, it took an hour for officers to get the horses back to their field.

However, over the next two days they made two more escape attempts and the police were called out.

The duo blocked Yorktown Road and apparently caused a number of problems for drivers in the area.

Those with equines prone to getting into trouble might want to take out horse insurance policies to help them cover vet bills incurred if their animals are injured.

Earlier this month, a drove of what are hopefully less difficult to manage ponies were brought to County Durham to graze on grasses and bracken and encourage the growth of wildflowers.

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