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Owners taking pets on holiday must be prepared for anything

Pet insurance customers will be interested to hear that they must be prepared for anything when taking their companion on holiday with them.

Specialist pet food providers Pet Food Direct warn that there are a number of things that owners must be aware of before embarking on a holiday with their dogs.

The company says that every owner should have a "prepared for anything" travel kit which includes items such as a roll of gauze, pre-approved pain relievers, hydrogen peroxide, a current photo of their pet, extra toys and lead and proof of injections.

"One of the most common pet injuries is due to accidents inside cars. No matter what size your pet is [whether it's a dog, cat, or hamster], it will be better off in a travel crate," the statement read.

Pet Food Direct is an online company dedicated to providing pet owners with access to a wide variety of pet supplies and claims to have one of the largest selections of pet food on the internet.

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