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Overseas Weddings are becoming a popular choice

According to a recent survey done by First Choice 57% of engaged couples would consider getting married abroad. There are varied climates you can choose from and pretty much guarentee the weather of your choice in certain countries. For instance, winter snow weather can pretty much be guaranteed in the gorgeous Swiss alps or you can opt for a romantic sunny weather on a beach in the Maldives. With this huge array of choice, are we really surprised at the amount of engaged couples that are considering a different overseas wedding?

There are huge benefits to an overseas wedding with stunning backdrops for the once in a lifetime photographs, very romantic options and of course one of the main selling points is the cost of Overseas weddings. It is typically dramatically cheaper than UK Weddings. Celebrities have led the way in the new overseas wedding trend, with Colleen and Wayne Rooney getting married in Portofino, Italy, Gary Lineker and Daniella Bux married in Italy and Denise Van Outen married her Joseph, Lee Mead in the sunny Seychelles. Of course like anything there are disadvantages of tying the knot abroad. The cost of travel and the distance from the UK mean that not all family and friends that you want to attend will be able to do so. A way to counteract this is to throw a big party when you return from your honeymoon and get all friends and family together for a UK based reception.

E&L wedding insurance offer cover for UK Weddings, Overseas Weddings and civil partnerships. There is no additional charge for overseas weddings. Premiums from E&L Overseas Wedding Insurance start from as little as £19.50 online. It is a one-off premium and then you are covered for up to two years prior to your wedding ceremony date. Not only will your overseas wedding ceremony and reception be covered but if you return to the UK within 28days and hold a UK reception for family and friends then the same policy will cover you for this too. Can you afford to take a chance and not take out overseas wedding insurance? Your wedding attire, supplier deposits and travel documents will all be covered under the policy. For more information on the overseas wedding insurance policies available visit www.eandl.co.uk/overseas-wedding.

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