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One-eyed kitten born in Lennoxtown

Cat insurance customers might be interested to hear about the birth of an unusual kitten in Lennoxtown near Glasgow.

Pickle was one of three black kittens born to mother Sparkle, but she was unique in that she only had one eye, reports the Sun.

Lee-Ann McLean, owner of the moggies, told the publication that the youngster was “perfectly formed” in other respects, but that her eye was in the centre of her face and she had no nose.

“I have never seen anything like it before – it is so weird,” she commented.

The kitten’s two siblings did not display any signs of a similar genetic mutation.

In January this year, a cat with one eye – although this moggie had lost his – was recued from a tower block in South Tyneside by a fire crew, the Jarrow and Bebburn Gazette reported.

Owners of adventurous or unusual felines might want to take out cat insurance policies to help pay vet bills when they arise.

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