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Obese dog reaches an astonishing 70kg

A dog owner, Melvyn Davies from Anglesey, Wales has been fined £1,170 when the RSPCA discovered his Labrador was obese and could hardly even walk.
Ben, the ten year old Lab should have weighed approximately 25 kg which equates to 4 stone, however when officers found Ben he was a staggering
70 kg which equals 11 stone. RSPCA officer, Kevin Paton said “It is the worse case of obesity I have seen in a dog in 35 years.”

When the officers found Ben he couldn’t even walk a couple of steps without collapsing. He also had a deep neck wound which is thought
to be the consequence of his collar getting too tight and digging into his neck.

Davies appeared in Holyhead court in North Wales on 1st September to face charges of neglecting and unnecessary suffering. Prosecutor, James Conod said, “It was grossly
overweight to a stage that it was causing the dog suffering. These difficulties were obvious. Clearly, it should have been seen and treated.” Mr Davies
reason for the overweight dog is that it had short legs and therefore couldn’t exercise properly from an early age. He bought Ben as the runt of the litter
and believed if he hadn’t of purchased him that he would have been put down. Dylan Llyod Jones who defended Mr Davies said “He was an extremely big dog,
a dog who would at times refuse to go out, even when Mr Davies used his best endeavours to get him out of the door.” Mr Davies admitted four charges of
causing unnecessary suffering.

It was revealed in court that Mr Davies also owns another Labrador who is in perfect health and therefore the RSPCA have left him in Mr Davies’ care.
Melvyn Davies has been ordered to pay his fine of £1,170 and has been told that Ben is not allowed to return to him. He has escaped a ban on keeping animals.

Ben has since been re-homed to a foster family who are hoping to adopt him. He has lost 3 st 11 lb already and is well on the road to recovery. Kevin Paton, RSPCA officer dealing with the case says,
“He’s doing well, but he still weighs around double what he should, so we’ve got a few months to go. He’s a lovely, friendly dog though, a typical Labrador
that loves attention.”

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