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Novel inspires horse owner to work with autistic kids

Horse insurance customers might be inspired by the story of Sarah Tubbs, who was motivated to start working with autistic children after reading The Horse Boy.

Ms Tubbs runs the Marwood Equestrian Centre but decided to add to her expertise by doing a course so she could work one-on-one with autism sufferers, reports the Teesdale Mercury.

In the novel in question, horses and shamans are used as part of a treatment to alleviate a boy’s condition.

Commenting on the effect of equines, Ms Tubbs said: “Horses seem to have this really calming effect on all people.”

She explained that the methods used involve a variety of activities and techniques, “including sensory work, academic work, speech skills and mathematics”.

Those with equine insurance might be familiar with the film of The Horse Boy – a documentary that chronicled the story of Rowan Isaacson and his trip to Mongolia with his family.

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