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New pet toy for dogs to play ‘fetch’ with

Some vets and dog owners are in the opinion of that playing the traditional game of ‘fetch’ with your dog using a wooden stick is dangerous as can lead to injuries from splinters and sharp ends. The inventor of the new Rubber Safestix had a bad experience when his dog was injured after chasing a stick, so decided the design an alternative. The 2ft-long flexible rubber stick, branded Safestix, has been approved by The Dog Trust and the Royal Veterinary College and will be on sale soon by Britain’s main pet product retailers.

Professor Dan Brockman from the Royal Veterinary College is impressed by this invention and said: ‘This product would seem like the perfect alternative to a piece of wood.’

The rubber stick is made of toughened rubber, designed to be long lasting and there are already three new Safestix versions: a shorter 50cm stick, a mint flavoured teeth cleaning one and an ‘extra tough’ one.

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