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New pet laws come into effect in Guernsey

New Guernsey laws bring a smile to pets!

New laws have been introduced on the island of Guernsey to reform animal welfare and ensure all pets have five basic freedoms. Whilst we wish it wasn’t necessary, we think this these new rules are good basic rules for basic rights for pets.

The new laws that have already come into effect are:

1. Freedom from Thirst and Hunger
The pet should always have access to fresh water and food to ensure its good health
2. Freedom from Discomfort
The pet should have a suitable environment in which to live which provides adequate shelter and also a comfortable resting area
3. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease
The pet should be treated following any change in condition or behaviour to ensure any condition is quickly diagnosed and treated
4. Freedom to express Normal Behaviour
The pet should have adequate space in which to live and proper facilities
5. Freedom from Fear and Distress
The pet should be treated in a way which does not subject it to mental suffering

Do you think the animal laws in the UK should be changed? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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