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New 'killer' dog added to Australian dangerous dogs list

Australia have produced a register detailing the top 20 attacking dogs from 2009. The usual suspects were among the list such as Akita dogs, American Pit bull Terriers and Cane Corsos. However there were a couple of new entries which have stunned the canine world. The family dog, Labrador Retriever had reportedly been involved in 20 attacks in the time period between July and September therefore making the Australian register. The other surprise entry is the Maltese breed who despite their cute small fluffy exterior have been responsible for 12 attacks in July to September 2009. Barbara Perry who is a Minister for Local Government in Australia said “this is obviously a surprising outcome, but nonetheless a reminder that any dog has the potential to attack, regardless of breed.” The Australian Register shows a total of 823 dog attacks from July – September 2009 which is a staggering increase of 774 from the previous quarter April – June 2009.

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Source: www.dogmagazine.net/archives/4218/new-killer-dog-added-to-dangerous-dogs-list/ 25th October 2009

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