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Nearly half of British women ‘would propose’

Almost half of British women would be prepared to pop the question to their other halves.

According to findings from Eurostar, 47 per cent of those who responded to a survey said they would be comfortable proposing to their boyfriends.

As today (February 29th) is a Leap Day and traditionally when ladies can get down on one knee, this could lead to an increase in the number of wedding insurance policies taken out in coming weeks.

The research also revealed that 75 per cent of men said they would be fine with their partners proposing.

Mary Walsh, director of communications for Eurostar, commented: "The modern man has met his match with the modern woman with thousands of women planning to get down on one knee during Leap year."

Findings from American Express Platinum Cashback Credit Card could also see more people searching for the best wedding insurance quotes, revealing that 1.3 million unmarried British women would propose to their partner and 200,000 of these would do so on a Leap Day.

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