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Missing parrot returns after two months

The owners of a missing parrot are said to be delighted that the bird has been recovered safe and well after being missing for two months.

In news that may encourage people to take out pet insurance, the Bluefronted Amazon – named Jack – disappeared from Jerry and Irene Williams’ back garden in Prenton last year.

The parrot showed up outside the tropical pet house of Chester Zoo, with workers quickly identifying him as a non-resident.

“When Chester Zoo called to say they’d found him I was absolutely speechless. I was amazed. I can’t thank them enough,” Mr Williams said.

According to team leader at the facility Andy Woolham, Jack had probably been attracted by the calls of the Green-cheeked Amazon and Ecuadorian Amazon species at the zoo.

The BBC recently reported that three parrots were rescued from a burning house in West Lothian, Scotland, with all of the birds escaping in good health.

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