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Microchipped Shetland stallion returned to owner

The owner of a Shetland stallion in Bedfordshire may not have to put in an equine insurance claim after his animal was found tied up near a canal and returned to him.

Benston Isaac was stolen last month and police believe he was taken through an electric fence then a kissing gate before thieves drove him away, reports Horse & Hound.

However, he was later found about 20 miles from where he went missing and the eight-year-old was soon returned to his owner.

Garry Porter, chairman of the UK Horsewatch Alliance, commented: “Isaac was able to be traced back to his owner thanks to his microchip and up-to-date records.”

The pony’s mane had been changed in what police believe was an effort to alter his appearance so he could not be identified.

In March, the owners of the world’s smallest horse – called Einstein – announced that a book chronicling the life of the beast so far would be published.

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