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Man jailed for attempted bike theft from station

A man has been handed a three-month jail term after attempting to steal bikes from a train station in the south of England.

Dean Hall, 39, of Castle Road, Bedford, was sentenced last month following a hearing at Luton Crown Court after pleading guilty to going equipped for theft.

Officers from British Transport Police (BTP) searched him after spotting him hanging around bike racks at Bedford station.

They found he was carrying tools suitable to cut bike locks and inspector Neil Ketley stated the officers were alerted to Hall due to his "odd" attire – he was wearing a scarf and hat on a summer's evening.

"Cycle theft causes enormous inconvenience and genuine upset to victims, who are not only hit financially, but are forced to make alternative arrangements for travelling," he said.

BTP is currently carrying out an investigation into a bike theft that occurred on February 2nd at Hull train station, with the victim being a 42-year-old member of rail staff from Hull.

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