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Make your wedding stand out with some popular reception ideas

Wedding InsuranceAre you looking to add some individuality to your big day? Want to make your day stand out and make it memorable for all your guests?

Here are a few popular wedding trends for your consideration:

1) A chocolate fountain can add a sweet flavoured touch of excitement to your day – however be careful of all that melted stuff, especially around a white dress.

2) If the fear of a chocolate fountain leading to a chocolate mess is keeping you awake at night, you could try a candy shop.

3) Why not set up a video camera in the reception venue and ask your friends and family to leave you messages. This could have hilarious results, and provide a great momentum of the day.

4) Lanterns – Have you every looked up at the sky to see strange glowing lights. Rather than UFO’s is more likely you have seen a flying lantern. These can add sense of spectacle to an evening reception.

5) Why not hire a game for your guest to play with, scale electrics for example can be a great way to introduce a touch of friendly competition to proceeding.

6) Worried that your guests will not fill the dance floor on your big day? Employ a professional instructor to take a lesson and force your guest to boogie the night away.

7) Why not add a touch of class to proceedings and employ a harpist.

8) An Owl ring bearer – Ok so it may not be a popular craze, but we quite like the sound of the idea here in the E&L office.

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