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Lottery winners splash out on new caravan

One couple may no longer have to worry about paying for their caravan insurance after winning the lottery.

Sue Mellen and her husband Lee won £4.6 million on the EuroMillions but vowed to stay true to their roots.

The pair, who played with the same set of numbers each time, described how six years ago their combination came up on the week they failed to buy a ticket.

However, this time they were lucky enough to scoop the jackpot and splashed out on a £23,000 caravan in celebration, the Grimsby Telegraph reports.

Despite this, Mr Mellen explained how they are “keeping in mind the horror stories of former lottery winners who have gone on to lead miserable lives”.

He told the publication: “We’ll be keeping our Mondeo and our first caravan.”

It was recently revealed by the National Lottery that Ilford in Essex is the luckiest place to live with £87 million having been won by residents.

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