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Living on a Narrow Boat

It is possible to live on a narrow boat in one location, and many people do it. However, if you don’t have an official residential mooring, it can be a very ‘insecure’ way of life as you can be moved on at any time.

If you want to live on a mooring you will need to bear in mind the essential services which you will need. You will need fuel for the boat engine, heating and cooking, water for washing and showers. Are there shops within walking distance? Can you dispose of rubbish waste and sewage?

Residential moorings cost more and are difficult to find. Many people sell their house and buy a canal boat to live on and explore the country. People that move regularly claim they are on an ‘extended cruise.’

Cruising can be difficult in winter because of bad weather. British Waterways have started making temporary residential moorings available over winter. Continuous cruisers can then stay in one place through winter and cruise from spring to autumn.

Many people live on boats and most people do it because it’s the life they choose and love.

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