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Lincoln vigilante ‘Pooperman’ targets messy dog owners

An anonymous person in Lincoln has taken an unusual approach to stop dog insurance customers from letting their dogs do their business on the pavement.

The individual – dubbed ‘Pooperman’ – leaves notes at the scenes of the crimes asking people to urge people to clean up after their animals, reports the Lincolnshire Echo.

Dog owners living between Boutham Park Road and St Catherines who want to avoid falling foul of the vigilante may want to ensure they pick up anything their dog leaves behind.

Commenting on the methods employed by the individual, environmental enforce officer for the City of Lincoln Council Tony Garner commented: “Members of the public can help by observing dog owners to make sure they clean up after their pets, perhaps asking them to remove the mess if they try to leave it.”

This comes after the South Wales Echo reported that one couple had built a bathroom in the garage of their home specifically designed for their pets.

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