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Lifesaving feline Lilly ‘predicts seizures’

Owners of 14-month-old feline Lilly might be among those who want to take out cat insurance because their moggy can predict when her owner is about to have an epileptic seizure.

Tracey Cooper claimed the remarkable pet alerts the family when her son Nathan is at risk.

“Normally she’s a quiet little thing, but when Nathan has a fit she starts running up and down the stairs, miaowing at the top of her voice,” she revealed.

She claimed the family pet has saved her son’s life on at least one occasion.

Ms Cooper explained that having an advance warning system was useful because it enables them to ensure that her son will not hurt himself by falling or knocking something over.

Another valuable pet whose future owner might want to take out a pet insurance policy for is abandoned terrier Tiny, who the Daily Mail reported will be trained to be a diabetes detection dog because of his keen sense of smell.

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