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Larry the No 10 cat starts earning his keep

Prime minister (PM) David Cameron has revealed that Larry the No 10 cat has finally started to earn his keep and that he has killed a number of mice at the Downing Street address, pet insurance customers may be interested to learn.

Despite a slow start in catching vermin, the feline seems to have hit his stride and has begun to take steps to eradicate the unwanted visitors.

“I’m a big Larry fan … We have got big mouse infestation in Downing Street and Larry has caught some mice,” Mr Cameron stated.

Speaking on ITV1’s This Morning, the PM revealed that he had even taken a photograph of one of the mice because it was “looking at me”.

However, he revealed that the budding mouser has not yet killed any rats to his knowledge, although the fact that the PM said has not seen any in the area recently may testify to the fact that the feline is doing his job well.

Individuals with cat insurance may remember that Larry was first recruited to help ward off rodents spotted close to No 10 by television crews.

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