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Lancashire retirement fund for Police horses

A new retirement scheme set up by Lancashire police force is somewhat different.

The new scheme is not for the Baby Boomer generation, but rather for those that were born in the late 80s.

Confused? The new scheme is actually for retired police horses.

The mounted police force in Lancashire have set up a charitably fund to help retired police horses ease into retirement.

The Hutton-based stables was concerned that the transition into retirement can be a stressful time for police horses, who find it difficult to relax after spending years living a disciplined lifestyle.

The horses need to be eased into retired life. However, finding devoted owners willing to take on the challenge was difficult as they would have to take on the burden of vet fees.

The police unit therefore struck upon the idea to start an independent charity the ‘retired police horse benevolent fund’ to cover any bills.

Speaking in the Westmorland Gazette Police Sergeant Christine Driver describes the scheme
“Our horses have worked hard all their life.
“We get them at around five or six years old and they are usually in their early 20s when they retire.
“This will help ensure a smooth transition to their new owners.
“We like the idea of them leaving us and going straight to their new home.
“It takes a good six months to adapt because they have lived in a disciplined environment, going to work every day and fed at the same time. It is a very regimented life here.”

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