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Labrador has lucky escape

Bracken, a two year old Labrador happily munched on a football which he later swallowed. The ball became lodged next to his heart and needed emergency surgery. His owner, John Grant noticed that something was wrong with Bracken when he was coughing incessantly. Mr Grant took Bracken to the Glasgow Small Animal Hospital where the vet gave him an x-ray. This is when an unidentified object could be seen next to Bracken’s heart. Surgical specialist Kathryn Pratschke operated and was assisted by vet Damian Chase when they found a deflated football which was about 12cm in length.

Mr Chase said “Bracken had been fine and his stomach had been gradually moving in and out from this area in his chest, but because he had eaten this toy football it got stuck up there. Part of the stomach moved and was sitting next to his heart with the football in it. We were surprised because when we did the X-ray and scan we couldn’t tell what it was. He is a very lucky dog. He would have died without the operation.” Bracken ended up needing two operations which cost a grand total of £5,000.

Mr Grant has said that Bracken is now fully on the mend at his home in East Dunbartonshire, “I don’t know where he picked it up, though it may have been in the park in the long grass. He is quite inquisitive and noisy and boisterous. He eats anything – plastic bottles, golf balls, stones and sticks. He is an extrovert, very lively and sometimes steals things from the kitchen table. He has been fine since the operation but it was quite traumatic at the time.”

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1258403/Lucky-labrador-cheats-death-football-swallowed-gets-stuck-heart.html, 17th March 2010

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