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Labour government dropped compulsory 'dog tax'

Just a week after proposing the idea of a compulsory ‘dog tax’, Labour have ditched their plans.
Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said that compulsory insurance was ruled out. “Any suggestion that we will put a tax on all dog owners is simply untrue – yet another example of desperate Tory scaremongering. We don’t want to penalise the vast majority of responsible dog owners because they’re just as concerned as everybody else about that small minority who mistreat dogs, get them involved in dog fighting or use dogs as weapons. We’ve got to make sure that the public are protected and we’re taking public concern seriously by asking how can we sensibly review the law that we’ve currently got.”

In contrast Nick Herbert, the Tory Environment spokesman said “A dog tax on more than five million owners was proposed last week and is now ruled out by Hilary Benn in a humiliating U-turn that just proves how tired and incompetent this government has become.”

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1258401/Labour-ditches-dog-tax-furious-backlash-pet-owners.html, 17th March 2010

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