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Kittens born without eyelids saved by vets

A pair of kittens born with a rare eye condition have been saved after a veterinary procedure, those withcat insurance may be interested to learn.

Clara and Reene were born without eyelids, which mean their eyes became badly infected after they failed to keep them moist and clean, reports the Essex County Standard.

The pair were found under a wheelbarrow in Colchester and were taken to Kitten Rescue where they were then brought to a vet.

At a cost of £800 – which highlights how important pet insurance may be for those with their own animals – new eyelids were created by vets using skin from the surrounding area.

Ben Bennett, of Colne Valley Vets who carried out the procedure, said: “The operations are complicated and they have to be done in two stages, but both cats will be fine and healthy.”

He revealed that he had only seen the condition twice in his 30-year career, a revelation made all the more incredible given that the latest figures from the Pet Food Manufacturers Association suggest there are about eight million moggies in the UK.

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