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Kennel Cough spreads

It has been reported in Scotland that kennel cough is spreading extremely quickly amongst Inverness’ dogs.
Owners have been warned to keep a very close eye on their dogs for any symptoms developing. Kennel cough
is extremely serious and can lead to deaths amongst dogs. Dogs can be vaccinated against the disease and
most boarding kennels will require proof that your dog has been vaccinated against the highly contagious
infection before allowing them to stay.
Due to the extent of the infection, dog agility and training classes have had to be cancelled in Beauly
to be on the safe side. Gloria Kelly who runs these classes cancelled them after two of her dogs contracted
the infection. She has commented that the infection has never been as prominent as it is now. “As responsible
professional dog handlers, we were under no illusions of the seriousness of the disease. There seems to be
no rhyme or reason as to which dogs catch it. The main thing is for owners not to take their dog for a walk
if they have caught it, because it spreads so quickly.”

Crown Vets in Argyle Street, Inverness have seen more than 30 cases in the past four weeks of kennel cough
and are urging dog owners to get the vaccination against the infection. Puppies and elderly dogs are at an
increased risk however any aged dog can contract the illness. Clinical manager at the vets said, “While
several boarding kennels have reported infections, most dogs which develop the disease have not been in
kennels. The disease is highly infectious and can transmit through air from a cough or a sneeze from an
infected dog in the park.” Anne Gunstone, a senior vet at Inshes Surgery added, “All dogs are susceptible.
However, the disease is particularly serious in puppies, which can develop fatal pneumonia and in elderly
dogs, particularly those with heart conditions.”

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Source: www.pressandjournal.co.uk/article.aspx/1370920, 28th August 2009

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