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Kayakers break world record

Kayak insurance may have been a must-have for one pair of fundraisers from the UK, who have set a new world record.

The BBC reports how Jeff Allen and Harry Whelan circumnavigated Ireland eight days faster than the previous record holders.

After 25 days at sea, the pair arrived in Ardmore, West Waterford at 16:00 BST yesterday (May 16th).

During an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall, Mr Allen described how he and his partner were “exhausted”.

“We spent the last three days trying to catch up on miles that we’d lost because of bad weather,” he explained.

The duo took part in the 1,000-mile challenge in a bid to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Action.

Mr Allen hails from Cornwall, while his partner Mr Whelan travelled from London for the event.

The former is a seasoned kayaker, having previously paddled around the island of South Georgia in 2005, a trip which saw him face potential attacks from seals, icebergs and gale-force winds.

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