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Kayaker ‘lucky to be alive’ following shark attack

A man from Ireland has described his shock at coming face-to-face with a shark while paddling off the coast of Australia.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Martin Kane was out in his canoe when he was attacked in the sea near Perth.

The 62-year-old may need to make a kayak insurance claim for damage incurred when the shark launched itself at his lightweight craft.

It was snapped in half by the animal's powerful jaws as Mr Kane managed to swim to safety.

"I came up out of the water and the water was a mess, [the shark's] head and tail were thrashing around and the ski was going up in the air and around," the expat remarked.

Western Australia's Shark Response Unit Michael Burgess believes the shark in question was probably a great white.

The news comes after calls were recently made for a cull of great whites after several people were killed off the coast of Western Australia in a matter of months.

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