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JLo’s latest film features premiere pooches

In her latest blockbuster, The Back-Up Plan, Jenifer Lopez plays the a pet shop owner who has a disabled dog called nuts who steals the show.

The Back-Up Plan’s director Alan Poul revealed that whilst the dogs were excellent actors, they were quite distracting for co stars Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Louglin. They were really lovely to work with because the trainers were really good. But it is  difficult on Jennifer and Alex because it’s  not like you can talk to the dog and explain the motivation of the scene and let him go.

Though Nuts is portrayed as a special-needs dog in the movie, Langhorst says none of the pups that played him required assistance. “The wheelchair isn’t for real. It was specially-made, and had a back panel platform for the dogs’ back legs to rest on,” she explains. Dogs were taught to walk with the contraption before filming began, and rewarded with plenty of treats for their efforts.

To add that dog-friendly atmosphere on the set, American Humane and The Back-Up Plan both sponsored adoption drives around the country earlier this month, with adopters receiving discounts on pets, and free gear from the movie. At the Denver Dumb Friends League alone, 306 needy pets were placed with loving families. Twelve other shelters also reported great success due to their help.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1267972/Jennifer-Lopez-upstaged-Nubbins-dog-The-Back-Up-Plan-premiere.html

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