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Jimmy the cat ‘gives thumbs up’

Cat insurance customers may be amused by a video of one unusual moggy that is currently doing the rounds on video-sharing website YouTube.

The clip shows a black feline called Jimmy apparently giving his owners a thumbs up upon request.

In fact, the cat appears to have polydactyly, which means he has extra digits.

Because of this, when he flexes his claws, it looks as though he has a ‘thumb’ at the side of his paw and it giving the seal of approval every time he stretches.

The caption that accompanies the video states: “Jimmy is a polydactyl cat. He’s probably the laziest cat in the world but he’s also super clever and has thumbs. And he’s got a great party trick.”

Jimmy is not the only quirky cat that has been in the news recently, as Yuriy Korotun revealed pictures of his young Himalayan kitten that loves to squeeze into tight spots, such as jars.

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