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Jackdaw befriends schoolboy

Bird insurance customers might be amused by the story of Jack, the jackdaw that has befriended a ten-year-old schoolboy.

The bird was at first a source of terror at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Sunderland, with pupils and parents complaining so much that teachers started to keep youngsters inside during break times, reports the Daily Mail.

However, the bird has now found a friend in the form of Emmanuel Adams.

Carolyn Adams, the mother of the schoolboy, commented: “The bird took an instant liking to Emmanuel, he would approach him as he walked to school. He picked him out from the other schoolkids.”

The boy said that despite the bird’s fearsome reputation, he is “not a bully”.

This comes after a goose that lives in Los Angeles found fame on the internet after it befriended a local man, bird insurance policyholders might be intrigued to learn.

Videos on YouTube show the bird following Dominic Ehrler round Echo Park in the city, while the inquisitive animal even makes a cameo appearance in a music video for rock band OK Go.

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