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Jack Russell eats 111 pennies but survives after life-saving surgery

The Jack Russell Terrier named Jack from New York ate a massive 111 coins whilst eating the remainder of a bagel.

The pet was eating the bagel leftovers from his owner’s desk. He didn’t realise he was also ingesting over 100 pennies. The dog’s owner could tell there was something not right as his pet started vomiting and his health deteriorated over the following 24 hours.

Jack became ill almost immediately and was rushed to an emergency vets in Manhattan. All of the $1.11 worth of coins had to be removed from the 13-year-old pet’s stomach. This had to be done carefully and gradually, 5 coins at a time.

An x-ray of Jack’s stomach made it obvious what the problem was. He was given anaesthetic whilst the coins were removed. There have been no further problems since the coins have been removed. However, Jack is very lucky as vets say that the zinc from the coins can prove fatal as it causes severe liver and kidney damage.

Jack’s owner said that he is now back to his usual greedy self. He also added that he will keep any change away from Jack’s reach.

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