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It’s Nearly Crufts: The Biggest and Most Prestigious Dog Show

It’s Nearly Crufts: The Biggest and Most Prestigious Dog Show

Organisers expect 25,000 dogs to make their way to the NEC in Birmingham from March 7th onwards and the preparations are already under way. But the 2013 edition of Crufts will be a little different to anything that has been seen before.

In the past, a thorough wash, a careful brush and perhaps a plait or two would suffice in grooming and preparing your dog. However, this year the Kennel Club who organise the event have permitted the use of hairspray for the very first time.

The use of grooming products has been banned from Crufts since the 1920s but after a number of owners expressed their frustration at the restrictions, the laws are expected to change this year. Traditionalists are disappointed at the move, insisting the dogs should be judged in their most natural state and the rules should not be changed.

In the United States, dog owners and those who show at major events have been able to use hairspray and grooming products for many years now, leading some to claim that British competitors were unable to reach the same level as their foreign rivals.

With dog insurance policies not stipulating any restrictions on the use of hairspray, it is expected to be widely used this year.

As they have done for many years now, the RSPCA will be on hand to advise dog owners to take out cover in order to cover the cost of keeping their pet healthy and happy. With premiums starting from as little as £8.19 per month it is a cost that many owners will take on willingly.

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