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Isle of Wight Grand National contestant escapes on to train tracks

Race horse insurance customers might be interested to learn that a horse competing in the Isle of Wight Grand National escaped during the main race at the event and ended up on a nearby railway line.

The animal used its jumping skills to vault a fence and was eventually found wandering on some train tracks, reports Isle of Wight Radio.

Harold George, who helps to build the courses, told the news provider that once the creature was found it was “absolutely fine”.

“The guy just took its saddle off when they caught it. A lorry came and picked it up from the scurry and it was checked over by a vet there,” he explained.

However, those taking trains to or from Havenstreet station might have found they were late, because the transport was stopped while the beast was recovered.

It was during the main race at the Ashey Scurry that the equine made his bid for freedom.

Last year, horse insurance customers may remember that it was Joe Black, ridden by Lisa Baker, who was first past the post in the main event.

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