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Is it possible for a dog to be allergic to being a dog…?

Well, in the case of Ruby a three year old black Labrador it certainly is. She suffers from a string of allergies from meat to milk and also from dust mites to grass.

Her owner, Karen Stanfield has to prepare a special vegetarian meal and also ensure that her home is spotlessly clean to avoid causing any problems for Ruby.

It all started for Ruby last year when she used to be quite itchy and had no energy for walks. She refused to play and also was losing weight despite eating all her food.

Karen who is a dog trainer was mystified by the problem and tried all she could to get Ruby better to no avail. She looked so underweight having lost around 15 pounds over 3 months, Karen was keen to find out the cause.

Ruby was then taken to her local vet who ran an Avacta sensitest which is a special blood test for pets in order to diagnose the problem. The vet soon realised that it was allergies that were causing all her problems and was placed on a strict vegetarian diet with no dog food or bones.

She now takes the drug Piriton to keep her sneezing and spluttering at bay and when she goes out and must jump in rivers and puddles to ensure any stray blades of grass are washed off.

Karen now has Ruby’s allergies under control, she has been on a meat-free diet for about a year now and has only recently started having turkey and pork back into her diet.

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