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Improve your Sail boarding skills

Like anything involving physical co-ordination the best way to improve your skills is through practicing.
Boards for beginners these days are very light and can be used without having to take a body building course.

Turns are an important sail boarding skill. The trick is to do a lot more turns, as turning a sail board is the major component of technique.
Practicing sail boarding turns is achieved by making a lot of short turns rather than long runs. Halfway though the run try and turn to come back to the staring point, then try another turn. This is the same distance as one long run, but includes two extra turns.

Instead of a long, straight run, try sailing in a ‘figure-of-eight’ circuit. Point upwind for a while, then turn onto a broad reach for a fast, tight turn, then point upwind again completing the ‘eight’ on the other leg.

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