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If you want a pet in Dubai, think again.

Sometimes we take certain things for granted, if you wanted to get a cat or a dog in this country it is a simple matter but the same cannot be said for residents in Dubai.

The majority of residential areas are off-limits to pets and the ones which do claim to be ‘pet-friendly’ only allow a fish tank. It is also the case if you are wanting to rent a property with the majority having a ban on any pets.

Recently there was a significant amount of controversy when a ban on dogs was put in place in Dubai Marina. Residents advised that they moved to the area as it allowed pets and offered a dog friendly environment but that has all changed. A petition has been signed by more than 1000 people in an attempt to reverse the ban however the local development office have stated the ban has been put in place to ensure a safe, clean, hygienic area at all times.

When getting a pet in Dubai it is a requirement that the animal is vaccinated and micro-chipped. It can then be registered with the municipality and get a unique number tag.

If you would like a quote to insure your pet, call 03300 243 254 or visit www.eandl.co.uk/pet.

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